Starting a new Scrum Team


  1. Have a team name. An identity for the team goes a long way.
  2. Identify all Scrum team members, role, skillsets, contact information and working hours. Especially useful for distributed team
  3. Conference number and participant code (usually for distributed team)
  4. Taskboard URL (if not using a physical board)
  5. Source code URL and access
  6. Working Agreements (at least 3 not more than 7)
  7. Team Values (at least 3 not more than 7)

Product Owner

  1. Availability of Product owner. Identify slot of time where PO is or not available.
  2. Will the PO attend the daily standup meeting?
  3. What should the team do if the PO is not available for sprint planning, review, question or extend period of time (vacation, sick leave etc)


  1. Sprint length
  2. Sprint start date
  3. Sprint Planning (day/time/location)
  4. Daily standup meeting (time/location)
  5. Sprint review (day/time/location)
  6. List of important stakeholder to be invited for sprint review
  7. Sprint retrospective (day/time/location)
  8. Backlog grooming/refinement (day/time/location)
  9. Identify important milestones for the project


  1. Definition of Done
  2. Definition of Ready
  3. Story point baseline
  4. Estimation scale (Fibonacci or power of 2 or etc)

The above activities can be considered as part of sprint zero. It should not be taking more than 2 days if the relevant parties are available. Once the above activities are completed, it is time for the Scrum Master and the Product Owner to prepare the prioritized backlog and have a product grooming session with the team before the actual sprint begin.


  • Sprint zero should also cover the technical setup of the necessary tools and environment
  • You might also want to include a half day Scrum training for the team if the team is new to Scrum



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